How To Add Lazy Loading Image In WordPress?

Is your WordPress website falling to load faster even after making use of various speed optimization tricks and techniques? Not to mention but today’s comparative marketplace has made clear to every site owner that user experience will play a major factor in conversion. When we discuss user experience than website speed always comes to the top of the list. 

There can be a number of reasons behind poor website speed but the media element, mainly the image, plays a crucial role in deciding your website speed.  If your WordPress website has different images on the same page then we recommend you to add lazing loading to the WordPress website. 

Mainly if you are into the e-commerce industry then lazy loading will help you in a number of ways. As it allows websites to load images only when users state to scroll the website.  A well-optimized website always comes with lazy loading because it allows site owners to offer the best experience by improving WordPress website speed. That is the reason why most of the businesses today look to hire experienced WordPress website design for their business. 

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