Email Marketing Series: 6 Ways To Extract Emails From YouTube To Grow An Email List

Videos are the best way to show your authentication and skills in front of the audience. And compared to text content, video content attracts more users on the internet.  That’s why business promotes tutorial video and webinars to collect email ids of users to make a strong connection with them. 

YouTube helps in many ways i.e from showcasing your proficiency in your field to creating a strong bond with users. But if you want to make the user remember your company or brand then it is important to get their details like name, email id. 

It is not possible to deliver everything through video content and email is the best way to exhibit company, brand and offer related details. So, why not take advantage to grow an email list through youtube.  

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YouTube is the second largest search engine that is helping companies in expanding and growing their business. Small and large companies create videos on YouTube because it helps them in creating a trust factor with the audience. 

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